The Intentional Helpmeet: The Mental Shift from Single to Married


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There is an assault against Kingdom marriages and the devil doesn’t want them to succeed. He has been after Godly covenants since the creation of man. When women, single or married, understand the assignment of an intentional Helpmeet, we can combat the enemy and beat him in his attack. There is a mental transition that must take place when we shift from singleness to marriage. This is the transition of becoming not just a wife, but the suitable Helpmeet God has designed you to be. To do this, it is crucial that you operate with a daily renewed mindset of sacrificial, agape love.

God has given women a stamina and strength to push His assignment into the earth. He has graced us with beauty and capacity to propel our husbands into their God given assignments and purpose in the earth. Dr. Cubeon gives you tools and practical application to equip you on how to love your husband with the agape love of God, even when you don’t feel like he is deserving of it. Are you ready to SHIFT?

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