Meet Dr. Cubeon Washington, a woman of unwavering faith, indomitable spirit, and remarkable grace, whose life mission is to empower women and uplift souls. As the founder of Cubeon International Ministries, Dr. Cubeon wears many hats, including that of a Prophetic Life Strategist, Helpmeet Mentor, Motivational Speaker, Suicide Prevention Advocate, and Author of multiple books, including the Amazon Bestseller, It’s Wedding Season: A Prophetic Call to God’s Women in Waiting.

Dr. Cubeon’s journey has been shaped by personal challenges and triumphs. Losing her mother and best friend to suicide shook her to the core, but it also ignited her calling to minister to the broken-hearted and educate others on mental health awareness. Through her ministry and mentoring program, Helpmeet Prep Academy, Dr. Cubeon provides a safe and compassionate space for women of all backgrounds to heal and grow, with a focus on developing fulfilling and enriching relationships.

With a Ph.D. in Leadership and Organizational Management, an MBA, and an ordination as a Minister, Dr. Cubeon brings a wealth of knowledge and wisdom to her teachings. She firmly believes that success in career and marriage is possible, and uses her own experiences to guide women on their journey of self-discovery, faith, purpose and marriage.