Prophetic Alert: The Rise of Women

A prophetic word to God’s daughters….

I am anointing women in the marketplace. Take your rightful place.

You will surpass and dominate in areas that have only been dominated by men. 

Where you have been shut out I am blowing them out.

The boys toyland is over!

Rule & reign but don’t crush my men.

Uphold my sons. 

Rule and reign AND submit.

You must learn to balance both.

I’ve placed a heavy responsibility on the men. You don’t want to be accountable for what I’m holding them accountable for. Let your husband lead. The purpose and prosperity of the health of the family rests on his shoulders. I didn’t create you to hold that kind of weight. 

I created you [women] to be a support beam.

You’re the co-pilot. The plane doesn’t move without you. Each position is vitally important for the successful navigation of the plane. 

You can’t occupy his seat and your seat at the same time. Trying to occupy his seat and yours at the same time leaves gaps that the enemy can penetrate. You each need to be in your rightful position. 

Each role is equally important. Man is not better than woman. 

Be careful of the enemy’s contamination of a good thing. He seeks to pervert this move of God. Don’t believe the lies of a woman being considered “less than” if she submits to her husband’s leadership. 

A husband CANNOT be successful without listening to his wife. The plane will crash and burn every time. 

Pray for your husbands to take their rightful place and listen to your sound advice.

Pray for the Kings.

You are to rule and reign TOGETHER. There is no competition in marriage. If there is you’re off. 

Support one another’s endeavors. 

You will overcome your enemies that slept on you like Jael!

Judges 4:17-22  (NIV)

17 Sisera, meanwhile, fled on foot to the tent of Jael, the wife of Heber the Kenite,because there was an alliance between Jabin king of Hazor and the family of Heber the Kenite.

18 Jael went out to meet Sisera and said to him, “Come, my lord, come right in. Don’t be afraid.” So he entered her tent, and she covered him with a blanket.

19 “I’m thirsty,” he said. “Please give me some water.” She opened a skin of milk, gave him a drink, and covered him up.

20 “Stand in the doorway of the tent,” he told her. “If someone comes by and asks you, ‘Is anyone in there?’ say ‘No.’”

21 But Jael, Heber’s wife, picked up a tent peg and a hammer and went quietly to him while he lay fast asleep, exhausted. She drove the peg through his temple into the ground, and he died.

22 Just then Barak came by in pursuit of Sisera, and Jael went out to meet him. “Come,” she said, “I will show you the man you’re looking for.” So he went in with her, and there lay Sisera with the tent peg through his temple—dead.