New Season…New Blog


Welcome to my 1st blog!

I’m honored that you’ve take the time to drop by Cubeon International. It’s truly an exciting time. To be honest… it’s also a scary time. There are so many changes and new projects underway. The month of May alone has my head spinning and we’re barely half way through!

I’ve had an idea burning in my heart for a while. A few weeks ago I posted this question on social media, “Would anyone be interested in me doing a video teaching on how to find your purpose and how to hear the voice of God?’ The response was a resounding yes. So, I began to pray (and I think some of you all did too!) because I’ve never done anything like this. Me doing video teachings? That’s crazy! That’s way out of my comfort zone. Well, God answered in a BIG way! So much so, I actually told Holy Spirit to stop talking to me! LOL Our relationship is cool like that…I talk to Him the same as I would you.

Without hesitation….okay maybe just a little….. I began working on new projects. One of which is this blog. I never desired to be a “blogger”. However, as my purpose continues to evolve so do I…

I look forward to sharing my other projects with you soon. Stay tuned for the Big Reveal.

Please pray for me as I pray for you. Leave your prayer requests here:

Yours truly,