God truly makes all things well in His time

God truly makes all things well in His time.

This was my 6th Mother’s Day without my Momma-dukes. I still have my sad moments, but they’re just that…moments. At least they were.

Sunday I was reminded what day it was with all the Happy Mother’s Day greetings. I was ok though. After all, I’d been so busy & focused on projects I barely noticed Mother’s day was approaching. This was a 1st!

I’m at the salon & a woman sits next to me. On the other side of her was her beautiful little girl about 4 yrs old. I’m talking w/ the Mom & she tells me its her daughter’s 1st time getting a pedicure. We’re chatting & all is well until I look over & see a grey haired woman that looks just like them. I said wow, you have 3 generations- how awesome! The woman excitedly shares with me about her mother coming to visit & they decided to get pedicures together. It was a beautiful picturesque moment…. I’LL NEVER HAVE…

I went from happy to trying to keep from having a ugly public melt down in a split second. Then Holy Spirit whispers words that calmed my soul….BECAUSE OF YOU SEVERAL PEOPLE HAVE THEIR MOTHER THIS MOTHER’S DAY.

Wow! My countenance instantly changed. I’ll never experience the special moment that family shared. My Mom is in heaven, but I don’t have a void, b/c my pain now serves a purpose.

If you’ll open yourself up to Him, God can do something extraordinary with your pain too! Mother’s Day will never be the same for me.