Discovering My Purpose

Discovering My Purpose

Next week, on June 24, 2017 at 10am my ministry ‘Cubeon International Ministries’ launches. As I’ve been preparing I couldn’t help but think about where God’s brought me from. For years I said the #1 job in the world I don’t want is a preacher and the 2nd is to be a preacher’s wife. Yet, here I am.

God called me to preach several years ago. One particular Sunday morning I was visiting a church. The sanctuary was beautiful, everyone was kind and well dressed, the preacher was ‘hooping’ and I…well I was disgusted. It was so phony! I sat there looking around taking in the scene. They weren’t having church, they were having a fashion show. The preacher was preaching and saying whatever would get the crowd to yell, “Amen Pastor” “Preach that Pastor”. Everyone wore  a Christian mask. Despite the fancy cars, clothes, and fabricated smiles I could see how broken the people were.

As I looked around in disgust and disappointment something strange happened. It was as if God punched me on the inside of my chest. I could barely breathe. Then I heard the voice of God loud and sternly say, “THIS IS WHY I CALLED YOU TO PREACH!” Trying not to draw attention to myself I bent over and under my breath, gasping for air, asked God to please let up, because I could barely breathe. Thankfully He did.

On my way home I began to explain to God that He had the wrong person and He wanted my friend Star. We had previously co-hosted a Bible study. I don’t know what made her ask me to do it with her and I don’t know why I agreed LOL. Star has the *IT* factor. She is the epitome of a picturesque minister and first lady. She’s reserved, classy, wise, patient, a biblical scholar, and has a fancy vocabulary of big words I don’t understand (not even when she used them in a sentence…twice) LOL.

I continued explaining to God how I wasn’t qualified. I’m not reserved nor patient. I don’t talk churchy. I don’t have a big vocabulary. I don’t have a lot of scriptures memorized. I might get excited and jump on a pugh. I barely liked church people, because they’d been the most hypocritical people I’d ever met. I’m not politically correct and would be a controversial minister. I love wine and plan to have my own winery. God you know the saints think you’re a big sinner if you drink wine! I was telling God He didn’t want to associate His name with me, because I didn’t fit the mold of a typical preacher. I made a strong case, but God ignored me! LOL Thank God He did!

That was in 2008. God sat me on a shelf nearly 10 years. I was okay with that. Take your time God! This is one time I can be patient! LOL I knew the day for me to begin my own ministry would come. A few weeks ago He instructed me to begin a monthly Bible study. Destiny and God’s timing are colliding!

It’s an honor that God would choose me and trust me with the heart of His people. God never called me to be anyone, but me. The very things I thought disqualified me from being a minister are the very reasons He chose me. God knows exactly who I am, all of my flaws, all of my shortcomings, and He still chooses to use me. I don’t deserve it, but I’ll gladly accept it.

My goal during the monthly empowerment sessions (Bible study) is to empower people with the knowledge and wisdom of the word of God. The topic for the first session is Discovering Your Divine Identity & Purpose. Videos of each monthly class will be posted on my YouTube channel – iamCUBEON. I’ll go into more detail about how I discovered my purpose and I’ll share keys to help you identify yours.

Please pray for me as I embark on this new journey!

Much Love,